What our Guests are saying...

"I felt so taken care of – protected, sheltered, calmed and loved. It was as if the ‘real’ world ceased to exist and all there was, was an abundance of peace and tranquility."

Sharlene T, WA


"Loved the message! The cutting edge research. The way of life. The food. Shelley and the garden. Johnny and the hikes. The guest speakers. The treatments. I could go on and on…"

Carolyn E, Regional NSW


"My girl friend and I go to Gwinganna each year for the 5 night Optimum Wellbeing. We arrive stressed and overweight but within 5 nights we leave refreshed and ready to tackle another year. Gwinganna has it all."

Jane S, Ingleburn NSW


"For me, the Gwinganna Mens Retreat was life changing. The retreat nurtured my spirit, relaxed my body and gave me the tools to live a happy, healthy life. Amazing food, professional caring staff who made you feel "individual and special" combined with truely gifted specialist presenters make the Gwinganna package the perfect antidote to our stress filled lives. Once you have sampled the Gwinganna magic you will return again and again."

Greg Y, Brisbane


“Everyone should experience this retreat at some early stage in their lives. We would not get sick armed with the movements and nutritional ideas.”

Elizabeth A, Sydney


“It genuinely is life changing as skeptical as I was about what I could possibly achieve in a week. An amazing experience with very special, caring and professional staff. I will be back, thank you!”

Alison B, Sydney


“I loved the way the staff at Gwinganna were so intuitive and caring it was like being constantly embraced. Everybody is made to feel like their needs are a priority, no matter how small or large these needs may be.”

Ariel W, Sydney

Gwinganna! An amazing little jewel hidden away in the hinterland. Ifound this a week of wonderful me time, with the added bonus of all that Gwinganna offers. The tools to help you live the best life you can. To look after and nourish the whole you.Am definitely coming back and
spreading the word to all who will listen.Just a little disappointed not to have a Gwinganna in my backyard.
Annie W, New Zealand


"This has been an amazing and life changing experience and we have loved every minute of it. You have a truly special place and we look forward to returning."

Paul and Mary O, Sydney

"A big compliment to Sharon – the staff feel so in sync with each other. The vision of Gwinganna, the organisation and planning ‘the behind the scenes’ makes the stay incredibly smooth. The instructors and therapists are very kind, caring and passionate.…."

Sandra S, Sydney

"To the entire Gwinganna Team, THANK YOU for a simply wonderful experience and for helping me relax, re-charge and reconnect to my spirit. I truly look forward to visiting again."

Ramon W, Watson ACT

"I truly believe that my experiences at Gwinganna have enabled me to find a way through a medical maze and after some pieces fell into place at one of the seminars, I have been able to set myself back on a path to good health. I feel more alive than I have for a long time, and will keep returning as often as I can, this place is magic!"

Lyndall R, Pacific Paradise QLD

“I can understand that during most retreats the ratio of men to women attending does not make it practical to spend much time on men’s issues. All the seminar sessions did address issues relating to men’s health and all were both informative and entertaining. I was surprised at the way the men took to the spa treatments with a large number opting to add to the two massages provided spending the afternoons enjoying the amazing facility. The one aspect of the weekend that did have everybody talking  --- the food!  All meals and every aspect of the food presented was simply fantastic and certainly taught us all that we can enjoy eating “healthy”. Whilst every component of this retreat was enjoyed by all it was obvious that the passion and professionalism of the fantastic staff made this retreat the success that all attendees agreed it was. Thank you for the experience."

Kerry N, Gold Coast

"I did the Spring Detox at Gwinganna and found it to be one of the best weeks of my life. I have returned feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and inspired. I have already booked again for next year and would encourage anyone to take the opportunity to experience being so cared for. Thank you all the Gwinganna staff, I was surprised by your level of committment, dedication and knowledge, and profoundly grateful."

Victoria S , New Zealand

"Being at Gwinganna has completely re-enlightened me about weight loss and its connectivity with being stressed and eating a low fat diet. I feel I am going home with a wealth of knowledge to assist me to gain a healthy and happy body and family."

Lizzie H, Regional, Victoria


"I loved the complete devotion of the staff to the goal of achieving optimum health and wellbeing for each and every guest. The environment here is so peaceful."

Catherine H, Brisbane


"I can't thank all the team at gwinganna for an amazing experiance. I came to kick start a weight loss regime that would be sustainable and easy to follow. To my delight i loss 4 kilos at the retreat and have since lost another kilo. I've learnt to nourish my body with tasty wholesome food and I absolutely love the gwinganna cook book. Thanks again every one."

Danielle G, Caulfield Victoria


“Devine, sublime, simple, elegant, perfection! Spice a dish with love and it pleases every palate."

Tanya H, Brisbane

“The people, the philosophy, the program. I had no idea I could feel this fantastic. An enormous turnaround in just 7 days.”

Alison L, Sydney

“This was definitely up there as one of the most important weeks of my life. My experience at Gwinganna was so incredible, life changing.”

David G, Adelaide


"Firstly I am not a health nut, just a regular 40 something year old guy in a busy job with a busy family life. After I booked Gwinganna I had several doubts, but it was everything I expected and much much more. Great fun activities and exercise (never laughed so hard), awesome food, amazing massages, fantastic gym and some really good educational lectures. The staff were amazing, friendly and seriously skilled. Had a ball and thoroughly loved it. PS – I recommend you go on your own as you’ll get more out of it."

Steve R, Sydney