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What the Media are saying...

"The highlight of any Gwinganna stay has to be the Spa Sanctuary: if an afternoon here doesn't slow you down, nothing will "

Gourmet Traveller Magazine

"Despite its wholly holistic agenda, luxury is not compromised either with spacious guest villas built from recycled timbers and enveloped by nature "

Signature Travel Magazine

"It's the place to go when you need to reset your body and mind – Women's Health"

Women's Health Magazine

"Gwinganna really is a place to revive,
re-energise and refocus. The views are so spectacular you feel you're on top of the world - and that's exactly how you feel when you leave."

Australian Womens Weekly - Lisa Wilkinson


"Fresh air, pristine water, and oldest rainforests in the world make Australia an exquisite location for cleansing the soul. Now you can cleanse your body and mind at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat - Australia's only 100 percent organic health destination."

Healing Lifestyles & Spa -Judy Chapman

"Gwinganna provided the perfect setting to bring me back down to earth and send me on my way home feeling peaceful, rested and completely blissed out."

Marie Claire - Claire Morris


"At Gwinganna you're respected as an adult, nurtured as a child, and encouraged to spend the time away exactly as you want and need to."

Voyeur Magazine - Kristie Kellahan


"The spa at Gwinganna is world class yet unmistakably Australian with high ceilings, exposed timber beams and floor to ceiling glass providing views of towering gum trees. Highly trained therapists, organic products and attention to detail make every visit a nourishing experience."

Sunday Herald - Jane Fraser


"When your mind body and soul seriously need overhauling, you can’t go past Gwinganna. With its cleansing food, premium facilities and some of the country’s best therapists, you’re sure to be whipped into shape – gently of course."

Mindfood - Donna Duggan


"After 5 days I leave with my eyes sparkling, a crazy grin I can’t get rid of and the "go slow" techniques drummed into me. If there was ever a happy medium between indulgence and rigour, Gwinganna is it."

Womens Health - Nicole Wraight


"I could have stayed forever!"

Sunday Magazine - Carrie Hutchinson

"Three nights are definitely enough to feel the effects of an organic menu and healthy lifestyle. Early to be, early to rise and plenty of massages leave me feeling light and relaxed "

Yoga Journal

"I took so much home with me from the retreat – ways to eat better, sleep more soundly, exercise smarter and stress less"

Vogue Magazine

"If you are tired on edge or stressed from work, turn away from holidays that focus on exploring the culture, food and history of a new place, and turn your attentions inward. Your mind and body will thank you for it "

Expat Living Magazine

"Gwinganna is the dazzling gem in the tiara of my calendar year. I know that when I return from that mountain I will be realigned, revitalised, relaxed and refreshed, that my eating and exercise habits will be exceptional, that my body will radiate with health, that my brain will sparkle with clarity and my mind will hum with a quiet peace”.

Primped - Zoe Foster

"Aussies from all walks of life praise the food, staff, and lodging. But I'm amazed that a place like this exists only thirty minutes from the surfer beaches of Queensland's Gold Coast. Now you can combine both, for a day, weekend, or week-long retreat in Oz."

Healing Lifestyles & Spa USA - Bernard Burt

"With an onsite organic garden and orchard, each meal is certified organic, freshly selected and nutritionally focused, not to mention delicious! My skin was glowing form the inside out."

OK Magazine - Helen Tardent

"On a recent visit to Australia, I decided to visit the Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat since our readers voted it their favourite spa in Australia. Now that I have actually experienced their program, I can see why it has become so popular so quickly. In fact, who would have guessed that one of the best and smartest spa programs in all the world is only a few years old and in Australia? What sets Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat apart is the staff, the setting, the program, the cuisine, the fact they do everything well. In many ways I found Gwinganna to be a glimpse into the destination spa for the 21st century. It isn't often that a spa which has only been opened a few years becomes a top spa award winner so quickly. But after visiting Gwinganna, I can understand why. They have incorporated the best of spa practices from around the world and made it their own.The result is a spa with a perfect balance which creates that balance in its clientele. And who doesn't need balance these days?"

President Spa Finder Inc USA - Susie Ellis

"Eating here is a delight with a range of nutritious and flavoursome dishes on offer from a team of dedicated chefs "

Madison Magazine

"You come away fizzing with health and armed with information about ageing well and living life to the hilt until you drop"

The Age

"The cumulative effects of daily spa treatments, healthy organic food, fresh air and gentle exercise have worked their magic on all of us: my fellow guests are bright-eyed, calm and relaxed in a way that is uncommon in the urban jungle"

Simply Her, Singapore

"The program is worth it, especially if you're really wanting to change your habits. Even after a weekend we felt better. And now in our day to day routine, we're trying to continue the Gwinganna way and maintain the 'glow'."

Daily Telegraph - Julia Carlisle

"As guests soon discover, this sanctuary is all about taking the time to refocus on yourself in amazing surroundings, while helping you develop tools to live along, happy and healthy life. On a deeper level it is also life changing and lets be realistic, how many times do you get the opportunity to change your life for the better?"

Sunday Telegraph - Anita Quigley

"I visited Gwinganna with my mum. We arrived weary, run down and in desperate need of a full body overhaul! Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that in just 5 days we could feel completely different. The setting is breathtaking, the staff are attentive and intuitive, the food delicious and the exercise regime personally tailored. The program has a perfect balance between activity, education and rest. Gwinganna taught me how important it is not to lose sight of myself and my own health. A visit to Gwinganna gives you the chance to shift your focus. And in five days we were provided with a different perspective on life. More rested, more refreshed, more informed. Thank you to everyone at Gwinganna for this amazing experience."

Channel 7 - Monique Wright

"For me it was an inspirational weekend. The setting, the food, the staff and the facilities are all superb. And still there’s another ingredient …something else. Perhaps there is some magic on top of that mountain."

Wellbeing - Tracey Hordern,

"Five days here is the equivalent of a two week holiday. It’s the perfect combination of a health resort and luxury hotel, with the most extraordinary spa. It’s the best spa resort I’ve ever visited.”

Marie Claire - Jackie Frank