Each afternoon during your stay we invite you to switch off and embrace one of the fundamental elements of better wellbeing: strategic rest. We call this Gwinganna Dreamtime. This is your time to stop, rest and relax. This space in the day has been created for you to choose what you need most. Maybe it's taking a nap or a swim or some time to read a book. The choice is yours. The options are plentiful.


During each Dreamtime, you can take advantage of the diverse and extensive array of experts and therapists who work with us to further enhance your stay. From soothing spa therapies, to wellness consultations, balanced movement programs and stress management sessions, these can help you customise your Gwinganna experience each time you visit.


Gwinganna has established a new benchmark in spa facilities with its exclusive indoor/outdoor 33 room Spa Sanctuary. From the beautiful surrounds and landscaping to the creative and environmentally sensitive architecture, and the levels of expert service and care, the spa facilities at this retreat are designed to give you an exceptional experience.


With an elevated outdoor deck and lounge which overlooks that native spa garden and surrounding trees, a sublime Crystal Steam Room and custom designed treatment rooms, you'll discover that this is a truly innovative spa. Gwinganna is dedicated to giving you a spa experience like no other.


You can also choose from an extensive range of wellness services, from naturopathy to stress and emotional wellness, or perhaps book a session with our experts in functional movement and physical activity.



"The Spa Sanctuary at Gwinganna is quite simply world class. One feels simultaneously immersed in nature and indulgent luxury. The staff at the sanctuary is extraordinary, their expertise and passion is unparalleled. ENJOY."
Hugh Jackman



Gwinganna's spa product partners include PHYT'S certified organic skin care,

Subtle Energies Australian Ayurveda Aromatherapy and LI'TYA Pure Australian Botanicals. Read more here


These exceptional products are carefully selected to enhance your spa experience during your stay with a range of take home products options including our Subtle Energies Signature products.



Prevention is the new paradigm in a well managed health care plan. Gwinganna's wellness and stress management therapies offer specialised complementary health care practitioners to assist you in devising a lifestyle plan to maintain optimum wellness.


Options include Naturopathy, Nutrition consultations, counselling, and many more.



Spa Treatments

An exceptional range of therapies and treatments are on offer, many of which are unique to Gwinganna. Choose from body treatments and facials using organic products to specialty therapies and massage. 


For more information email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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  • Retreat Packages and Programs

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    Gwinganna offers you more choice than any other health retreat in Australia with a diverse range of packages and programs including several specialty options. The introductory two night weekend stay is ideal for busy people or those wanting to try a retreat for the first time, while the five and seven day packages will provide the best results. Over three or four days choose a program with different themes throughout the year, allowing you to try something different each time you visit. Many guests also now choose to combine programs together creating their ultimate Gwinganna experience. More information here.



    Try our new Wellness at Home package available now, click here.

  • Why choose Gwinganna?

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    Gwinganna’s exclusive customised environment is well regarded globally for its transformative effect on guests’ lifestyle habits. It is a wellness haven maintained by healthy boundaries. These boundaries restrict guests from bringing and consuming the following items anywhere on the property: cigarettes, drugs, food, caffeinated drinks and alcohol. Our retreat is specifically designed to assist you during any withdrawals from the world in a beautifully isolated environment, providing a cocoon from external distractions and stress. A visit to Gwinganna is a commitment to stay on retreat and respect our philosophy so we can help re-evaluate lifestyle habits that do not foster wellness, energy and calmness. Take a look around Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat here.