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Ayurvedic massage

Experiencing deep relaxation with Abhyang Fusion

In a world full of deadlines and daily stresses, deep relaxation is hard to come by.

At Gwinganna, our mission is to deliver our guests with the pure pleasure of deep relaxation through the Ayurvedic massage known as Abhyang Fusion.

Discover the magic of this healing knowledge, its origin, its development through history and its powerful benefits below.


The Origin of Abhyang Fusion

The Abhyang Fusion holistic aromatherapy massage originates from Ayurveda Aromatherapy, one of the oldest known healing sciences in the world.

The knowledge of Ayurveda Aromatherapy emerged from the Vedic culture in India roughly 5,000 years ago and has since been adapted to include a unique blend of modern techniques.

This particular massage was developed with extensive research and whilst it stays true to its traditional Ayurveda techniques, it has been developed over many years to include medical therapies, marma work, aromatherapy techniques, lymphatic drainage, Kaisa bowl and Chakra balancing.

Holistically, the purpose of the Ayurvedic massage is to restore the body by dissolving anxiety and reducing inhibitions.

Abhyang Fusion also speaks to energetic aspects by activating the natural cycles of sleeping, waking, eating, yoga and meditation to promote the stimulation of the Marma points, ultimately reducing sluggishness and improving the natural flow of energy.

This relaxing spa treatment arrived in Australia when Subtle Energies introduced the impactful and technical treatment knowledge into its Diploma in Ayurveda Aromatherapy and later arrived in Queensland when introduced in Gwinganna’s treatment offering.


The Benefits of Abhyang Fusion

This beautifully restorative treatment won Gwinganna the Spa Treatment of the Year at the prestigious Destination Deluxe Spa Awards 2019 for its remarkable benefits. 

The Abhyang Fusion treatment is not only a spa treatment for stress but it is specifically designed to:

  • Help with detoxification
  • Strengthen muscles and joints
  • Increase immunity
  • Reduce signs of cellulite
  • Relieve symptoms of jet lag

The 80-minute treatment begins with a foot ritual to encourage initial relaxation before introducing the unique mix of ancient and modern techniques to detoxify and balance the body.

A selection of specific aromatic oil blends developed by Subtle Energies’ is selected depending on the desired results for the guest prior to performing the full body massage.  

The rich aromatic oils were created and perfected over time by Ayurveda Aromatherapy specialists and now include a signature Gwinganna balancing oil blend featuring soothing Mogra, Kewda, and Coriander seed to cool the skin and calm the senses as well as Limbu and the powerhouse herb Tulasi to provide clarity and focus.


Why Abhyang Fusion is a key treatment offered at Gwinganna

As the first spa destination in the world to introduce Subtle Energies’ signature Chakra treatment, Gwinganna appreciates the truly unique benefits experienced through Abhyang Fusion. 

Subtle Energies and Gwinganna recognise each other as united partners working towards the same philosophy to enhance wellness and together, hope to continue sharing this vision.

We're very blessed to be able to partner with Subtle Energies to offer Abhyang Fusion and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a healing spa treatment at Gwinganna.⠀

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