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A milestone for Wildcare donations

Gwinganna has recently reached a significant milestone in our fundraising efforts for  Wildcare Australia with $50,000 in donations to date.

Meet Julia one of our rescue koalas now living on site, pictured here when she was in koala kindy before moving in.

Featured recently in this Frommers article, we are so pleased we can help Wildcare with their wonderful work and thank all our guests and staff for their contributions in helping reach this amount.

In 2015 Gwinganna established its Wildlife Survival Program and works with Wildcare who rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife. Through this program, many rescue koalas and echidnas have been translocated onto the property at Gwinganna. We currently have 13 koalas and 12 echidnas on the property along with our own wild koalas and echidna wallabies and diverse birdlife.

When you buy a Gwinganna book part proceeds also go directly to Wildcare.


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