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Executive Chef and Culinary Nutritionist, Danè Chatani

Meet our Executive Chef and Culinary Nutritionist, Danè Chatani

​​From the very beginning, the food at Gwinganna has been a key part of the experience on offer. Learn more about the outstanding chef behind Gwinganna’s cuisine today.

Growing up alongside working chefs in family-run hotels such as Thredbo’s Alpenhorn Lodge in New South Wales, Danè has been immersed in the culinary world from a very young age. Having been a Chef in several restaurants, Danè later went on to lead the health and nutrition division for Her Majesty and King Salman in the vast royal kitchens of Saudi Arabia. Her role involved creating nutritional menus, training international chefs and cooking for the royal family and their guests across the palaces of the kingdom.

In Sydney, Danè founded the successful range, Muriel’s Muesli, creating five organic breakfast cereals designed to improve intestinal health. These delicious creations were available in many locations including David Jones stores. Several years later, she founded The Nutritional Chef, where for 13 years, she worked with corporate clients and celebrities.

 Ever curious about the alchemy of food and it’s interaction with the body, Danè undertook nutritional medicine studies graduating as a Clinical Nutritionist. Various other food projects include a catering business and recipe development for plant-based menus, children’s nutrition, women’s health, anti-inflammatory and fitness-based menus.

Executive Chef and Culinary Nutritionist, Danè Chatani


“My role is to take the confusion out of healthy eating by designing delicious meals specific to individual health needs and goals.

Certain food combinations can promote biochemical healing synergies when married together and/or cooked in a certain way. For example, adding lemon juice to steamed broccoli increases the bioavailability of calcium by a thousand times.

Foods high in magnesium, calcium, sodium chloride  and potassium are an electrolyte and can promote relaxation and reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress. They also play an important role in heart health by relaxing the walls of the blood vessels, which can help lower blood pressure. These include nuts and seeds, broccoli, beans, avocado and sweet potato.”


Danè joined the Gwinganna team mid 2021 as Executive Chef and Culinary Nutritionist. Her role involves:

  • Developing menus for each program at the retreat
  • Overseeing the team of diverse chefs
  • Sourcing produce and working with local suppliers
  • Working with our gardens team to supply fresh produce on site, and
  • Presenting various sessions to guests, including her popular Food Synergy cooking demonstration

A Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, she believes delicious food comes from using fresh produce that’s prepared with love. 

“Coming to Gwinganna has been a journey where all my previous roads have led me. It is here that I can truly embrace the passions that drive me: nutritional medicine, beautiful dining and hospitality.”

Shelley & Dane in the garden

Danè says one of the most rewarding aspects of her time at Gwinganna so far has been connecting with our guests. Whether interacting in the dining room or via the new Food Synergy cooking demonstrations, Danè says she’s found so much fulfilment in helping our guests discover preventative holistic solutions they can take home and put into practice.

“I hope to share valuable, nutritious and delicious options for our guests, helping address a variety of health conditions.”

Danè believes the keys to eating well are portion control, fresh ingredients and the absence of additives or chemicals.

Her philosophy is simple: healthy food should be enjoyable food, and that’s exactly what Danè and her team of chefs aim to deliver every day.

Meet Danè and try the incredible cuisine from our talented chefs on your next retreat visit.

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