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NEW! Self Care Gift Pack

$163.95 $130.00

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The perfect package to indulge in a little self care before bed or to help unwind after a long day.  This gift set contains our exclusive Subtle Energies Gwinganna signature diffuser oil and a personal mini Perfect Potion aromatherapy diffuser.  Drop 2 drops of the balancing blend diffuser oil into your mini diffuser to enjoy an ultra fine mist of the unique blend of Mogra, Kewda, Tulasi, Coriander Seed and Indian Rosewood, create a sense of calm and restore balance.  Also included in the set is a beautiful rose quartz Bopo crystal facial roller. Rose quartz is the ideal stone for your self love ritual and improves blood circulation and healing, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Gwinganna Self Love Pack includes: Bopo crystal facial roller, 10ml Subtle Energies diffuser oil, Perfect Potion personal mini aromatherapy diffuser.

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