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Amanda M - Brisbane

What have you done to my mum and dad?

I don't recognise them, not only are they different physically but they've also undergone personality transplants. THANK YOU.

My parents have just returned from a week with you and I wish I could send them back for a month more. Dad has his colour back, they're excited at work, the tone of their voices is different, there's a spring in their steps, I hear them work!!

Thank you so very much. Dad, in particular, was fast falling down a dangerous slope and he couldn't see a way to even attempt to climb out. Mum was a mess trying to help dad and in the process losing the best version of herself too. It's like they've come back all shiny and new. I know they have some tools now to fight the wear and tear of daily life. Thank you must be wonderful to make such a difference in people's lives.

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