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Amanda R – Brisbane

One of the things I loved about the weekend was that it was very structured but you weren’t made to feel guilty if you just needed to sleep in or go for a swim or use the steam room instead of joining in with the group activities. They made it very clear that it was all about you and what your body needed. So many people there were repeat customers because they always get so much out of it. You can see people transform just in those 2 ½ days. It’s beautiful to watch.

For me, totally switching off for the weekend was one of the best parts. It made me realise just how connected we are ALL THE TIME. More time offline thank you Universe!

So if you ever get a chance to experience this place, do it.  They deliver above and beyond your wildest expectations and it’s a great way to kick some healthy changes or just recharge.

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat