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David G - Melbourne

You were all able to sprinkle your wisdom, kindness and wellbeing on us and often with an appropriate amount of humour. It was 8 years since my first visit and I was totally reassured to see the same caring staff still there.

As a preventive medicine doctor I believe we all should sleep peacefully for 8 hours, work passionately for 8 hours and have 8 hours left to be amazing. My definition of being amazing occurs when nothing that is important is ever put on rations. So if you want to be a good father, a great musician etc then guess what one has to do, so as to be amazing and nurture one's life. If one’s life is in balance you may see all of life's practitioners less.

I have also learnt the power of the moment and the amazing outcome when one gives every moment its full attention so that one can meet its need. Finally I have learnt the power of resolution always finding the most creative outcome every time.
Together with a committed desire to have gratitude every hour of every day I have arrived in my 70s with an extraordinary understanding on how to navigate the "minefields" of life.

Keep doing your great work, as I believe you guys are the most well equipped to promote wellbeing and wellness.

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