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Monique W - Sydney

I visited Gwinganna with my mum. We arrived weary, run down and in desperate need of a full body overhaul! Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that in just 5 days we could feel completely different.

The setting is breathtaking, the staff are attentive and intuitive, the food delicious and the exercise regime personally tailored. Combine all that with some extraordinary choices on the spa -- and we were given the tools to take stock of our lives.

The program has a perfect balance between activity, education and rest. Most of all it's individualised. It is what you want it to be FOR YOU. On top of the program, we decided to choose some unfamiliar treatments on the spa menu, specialties we'd never heard of before like Chi Nei Tsang proved life changing.

I travel constantly for my job, while I love it, it does place tremendous demands on my energy and lifestyle. Gwinganna taught me how important it is not to lose sight of myself and my own health. It taught me to make myself a priority too. In my experience, that is something a lot of us has difficulty achieving.

A visit to Gwinganna gives you the chance to shift your focus. And in five days we were provided with a different perspective on life. More rested, more refreshed, more informed.
And it has provided a yardstick -- now I know how good I CAN feel -- and that can always be my goal.

Thank you to everyone at Gwinganna for this amazing experience.

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