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Unique program focusing on heart and brain health.

Heart disease remained the leading cause of death in Australia in 2018, followed by dementia and stroke. Learn more about your cardiovascular risk factors and how to adopt a preventative action plan in this special weekend retreat. Understand the biology of optimism and its effects on heart and brain health, and how to stay cognitively well as you age.

Sharing their decades of knowledge and the very latest research are special guests, cardiologist Dr Jason Kaplan and neurologist Dr Raymond Schwartz who feature in our  Wellness at Home packages.

SAVE 15%*! Friday 15 – Sunday 17 November 2019. Just $195 additional to your package. Contact our Retreat Advisors to book your place for this essential retreat.

"An important thing to remember is that a majority of cardiovascular disease can be silent until it presents for the first time. Over half the men who present with a first heart attack in their 50s and 60s had no warning they had any sign of heart disease," Dr Jason Kaplan.