Turning intention to action

Dr. Bek, Resident clinical Psychologist

At Gwinganna, our shared philosophy is about changing behaviour; moving away from habitual language and thought, towards a more vital direction.

Start with these evidence-based strategies to set your goals and achieve deeper contentment:

*   Unhooking from your past – let go of your mind’s unhelpful stories and discard what no longer serves you – there is no right or wrong, there is only forward.

*   Creating meaning – take steps today to deeply connect with meaningful activities, important to your wellbeing.

*   Living life on purpose – draws upon our higher capacities and has a long-term focus so it can take time to determine what is meaningful to us.

On your next visit, ask about a Personal Transformation session focused on Eudaimonia, conscious fulfillment in life encompassing flourishing and prosperity as integral to your emotional wellbeing.