A place where time stops...

Gwinganna is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind eco retreat, beckoning you to rediscover serenity and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more balanced life.

We offer a haven where you can connect with caring experts, learn the art of resilience in our fast-paced modern world, and decide how much or how little you'd like to engage in.  

Your stay at our health retreat seamlessly weaves together the principles of organic living, rejuvenating spa experiences, invigorating movement sessions, and moments of profound relaxation. All of this is complemented by a delectable array of organic cuisine and enlightening wellness seminars in an environment intentionally free from digital distractions. 

Our fully inclusive packages range from two to seven days in duration, allowing you to choose the perfect balance for your wellness needs. Gwinganna is an Ecotourism certified retreat,  proudly Australian-owned and operated. Our ambiance is one of casual tranquillity, inviting you to escape to Gwinganna not just for a fleeting moment, but for a lifetime of wellbeing. 

We extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to Gwinganna, where your journey towards inner peace and optimal wellbeing begins. 


Gwinganna has a wide range of fully inclusive package options to help you live a healthier life, reduce stress and enhance positive ageing. 

Retreat Dates

Choose from a 2 day Wellness Weekend through to the full 7 Day Detox, or combine multiple retreats for an extended stay.


Nestled amongst the Gwinganna landscape you’ll find a range of specially designed accommodation options. 

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Global Awards

Gwinganna has proudly achieved numerous global accolades and far reaching industry recognition for its unwavering commitment to transforming guest lifestyles, health and well-being. 

Our most recent award wins were from the 2023 World Luxury Awards and 2023 Spa & Wellness Awards 

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