We encourage activity and exercise options that reflect human function. Our recommendation is to focus on the essential movement patterns needed for life.

Diverse Activities

Through various modalities we encourage resistance training. This helps the body to perform a combination of stability, functional movement, balance, core strength, and flexibility movements.

We also consider the whole body’s system and ensure that each program offers a balance to regulate hormones. Our activities aim to reduce any overload on the adrenal system that may compound pre existing stress related symptoms, making our program ideal to assist in the management of lifestyle stress.

A typical day at Gwinganna

Early Morning

Mornings begin watching the sun rise out of the ocean whilst practicing the ancient art of Qi Gong, a restorative moving meditation. A choice of hikes and walks before breakfast continue this ideal start to your day.

The walks provide an opportunity to explore the 200 hectares of diverse bushland and rainforest which provide homes for inquisitive native animals and beautiful birds. We offer 16 different walks, each one offering a different perspective. All paths, some gentle and others more challenging offer beautiful views of the surrounding valleys and hinterland and many showcase the magnificent Pacific Ocean.

After Breakfast

After breakfast there is a variety of activities, using our own yin and yang approach to movement. We encourage guests to assess how they feel each day and listen to their body and what it needs.

The yin is the more inwardly focused activities such as yoga, Pilates and dance. Yang more outwardly focused, increasing heart rate and intensity whilst still working around any limitations. A combination of both yin and yang activities can help ensure balance in the body’s biochemistry and provide the opportunity for quality movement patterns to be introduced.

Late Morning

Most mornings then end with one of our key wellness seminars, a differentiating feature of Gwinganna. Our presenters are experienced, highly skilled and always ready to share the latest information in their field.

Following the seminar, its time for a delicious organic lunch which is a more significant meal in a day at the retreat. Then an afternoon of rest and relaxing in the Spa Sanctuary begins.

Choose from activities including Qi gong, yoga, Pilates, stretching and creative dance. These popular options led by dedicated and passionate teachers who will assist you to develop skills for life balance and functional movement.

Join in fun effective aqua sessions, challenging hikes and scenic walks. Indoor options include bosu and fitball classes, boxing circuits, indoor cycling and various innovative training options. Each day we encourage you to listen to your body’s needs.

All programs offer an educational element facilitated by highly qualified, skilled speakers. Topics vary depending on the theme of the program and will deliver up to date, researched information in a practical, take home style, guaranteed to inspire and motivate you to be in optimal health.

Experience the Gwinganna feeling.