Experience Gwinganna

"Life changing - I would recommend Gwinganna to anyone wanting to simply disconnect and be one with nature"

kayteejay2023 - Aug 2023

Why choose Gwinganna?

High on a plateau on over 200 hectares (500 acres) in a hidden region of the Tallebudgera Valley, you will find a sanctuary of stillness and relaxation.

Gwinganna’s exclusive customised environment is well regarded globally for its transformative effect on guests’ lifestyle habits.

It is a wellness haven maintained by healthy boundaries. These boundaries restrict guests from bringing and consuming the following items anywhere on the property: cigarettes, drugs, food, caffeinated drinks and alcohol. Our retreat is specifically designed to assist you during any withdrawals from the world in a beautifully isolated environment, providing a cocoon from external distractions and stress. A visit to Gwinganna is a commitment to stay on retreat and respect our philosophy so we can help re-evaluate lifestyle habits that do not foster wellness, energy and calmness.

Retreat Packages

Gwinganna offers you more choice than any other health retreat in Australia with a diverse range of packages including several specialty options.

The introductory two night weekend stay is ideal for busy people or those wanting to try a retreat for the first time, while the five and seven day packages will provide the best results. Over three or four days choose a package with different themes throughout the year, allowing you to try something different each time you visit. Many guests also now choose to combine packages together creating their ultimate Gwinganna experience.

About the Land

Since the dawn of time, this place has watched in silence as the weather changes sweep from the south and the west.

Surrounded by ocean and valley views, this land’s inhabitants and visitors have listened to the silence of the bush for eternity. The local indigenous people were the original custodians of the region. It was they who gave name to the place. Gwinganna translates to ‘lookout’, aptly named given its position offering views from Moreton Bay to Coolangatta.

Gwinganna’s steep slopes have protected it from too much devastating timber clearing and settlers in years gone by. Substantially intact, many parts of Gwinganna still retain its ancient past. The silence and stillness of this mountain retreat revitalises tired souls and allows guests to rest and recover from their busy worlds. The longer you stay on this magical mountain, cocooned from the outside world, the sooner you will return to your natural state of having an abundance of energy and vitality.

We respectfully acknowledge the past, present and emerging traditional indigenous owners and custodians of the land. We pay homage and deep respect to their identity and culture which has been bound up with land and sea for generations.


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