Please read prior to your stay

Mobile devices are only able to be used in your own room, as we know the more you can step into Gwinganna Mode the more you can benefit. The retreat is non smoking ( including vaping or similar ) and we ask that you do not bring alcohol, caffeine, drugs, or food with you. If you have any questions or would like to chat to the team about any of these elements, please contact our team.

The retreat is not a medical facility and as such, can only provide limited support for many serious or ongoing conditions. If you have questions around medical needs, please contact our team directly

What else should I be aware of?

Gwinganna is a non-smoking property and drinking alcohol anywhere on the property or in your room is also strictly prohibited.

What if I have specific dietary needs?

A stay at Gwinganna allows you to re-evaluate your relationship with food and to experience and learn about the meaning of true nourishment. We can assist with a variety of dietary needs. Please discuss your dietary needs with the Retreat Advisor team at the time of reservation. We take every care to ensure nuts and other produce that cause an anaphylactic response are omitted as per guest requests, however we cannot guarantee our kitchen zone is completely free from those foods.

What should I bring?

Please download our suggested packing list here: What to bring

How should I prepare for my visit?

For stays of 5 days or longer, caffeine is removed from your daily nutritional intake, so we recommend that you gradually reduce your caffeine intake in the week prior to your visit. As a guide, this could be reduced to 1-2 cups a day ( or 1 cup of espresso), reduce energy drinks and soft drinks to one per day and reduce chocolate consumption to 25g per day. This can help minimise any withdrawal symptoms you may experience

Do I need to disclose any addictions on booking?

Yes, Gwinganna is not a drug or alcohol rehabilitation centre and it is essential to determine if Gwinganna is the right place to help with particular areas of lifestyle management and change. Any undisclosed information, such as illegal drug or alcohol addiction, will result in cancellation of the booking without refund. Smoking, taking illegal drugs and drinking alcohol on the property (unless it is wine served by Gwinganna staff at dinner) will also result in cancellation of the booking without refund. For queries, please contact us.

Do I need to request the spa and wellness treatments in advance?

Although not essential, we recommend you send us your spa and wellness requests in writing prior to your arrival. Your treatments and therapies will be confirmed once you have arrived. Some therapies are not available on weekends and specialty treatments are exclusive to certain therapists and have limited availability.

Do I really need travel insurance?

We know that sometimes plans change so we recommend that all our guests secure comprehensive travel insurance prior to a stay here. We strongly suggest choosing a policy that will cover sickness or unpredictable circumstances that may require you to change your plans. Even if you live locally and are driving to the retreat, please remember that you are booking a complete holiday/package that is non-refundable and non-transferable should an unplanned situation arise. Please consider the following when choosing your policy:

  • Cancellation fees
  • Lost deposits
  • Additional expenses for accidental injury, sickness and hospitalisation
  • Medical evacuation
  • Luggage and personal effects
  • Travel delay and alternative transport expenses
  • Personal liability

When organising insurance, ensure you read the product disclosure statement to select the most suitable cover policy for you. Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is not responsible or liable for any costs associated with changes to your travel arrangements.

Postponement and cancellation policy.

All payments are valid for 12 months, including deposits. All payments are non–refundable and nontransferable. Should you need to make changes to your booking, the following charges will apply:

- Postponement more than 14 days prior to arrival will incur a fee of $100 per person/per package.

- Postponement 14 days prior to arrival will incur a fee of 50% of the total package.

- Postponement 7 days prior to arrival, non-arrival or early departure will incur a fee of 100% of the total package.

Do many people come on their own?

Yes, in fact we suggest this is the ideal way to retreat. It is an opportunity to nurture your self and have the space to think and contemplate without consideration of friends or partners. On weekends, we often see more couples and friends escaping together. If you travel alone you will be well taken care of and will have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals if you wish.

Can I choose my travel dates?

Yes we have a range of wellness packages available throughout the year, and all these start on a set date to ensure a dedicated and private retreat environment. It is essential that you arrive on the starting date of the program.

View our retreat dates calendar now to plan your stay.  Learn more about a stay at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat.

How long should I stay?

This depends on what outcome you would like to achieve. Even a short dose of rest and relaxation plays a vital role in our wellbeing. The lack of distractions, timelines and responsibilities allows you to absorb what is on offer and have a positive influence on cellular renewal.

Our Wellness Weekend is a brief yet restorative escape blending spa, movement and relaxation with delicious organic cuisine, helping to boost your energy levels in just a few days.

A longer stay with us provides a healthy way to allow your body to ‘catch up’. Allowing your body time to cleanse is an essential element to vitality and healthy ageing. If you are looking for greater benefits or perhaps to address a specific concern or health issue, a longer stay is ideal for your body to deeply cleanse, leaving you feeling energised and renewed. Read more here