Meet our Co Head Chefs, Steven and Justin. These 2 extraordinary chefs lead the team who prepare all the delicious meals we serve each week on retreat. Working together, they are a seamless team who share their knowledge and skills. Teaching the team so many elements of our kitchen is also part of their day.

The cuisine at Gwinganna has long been a highlight of any guest stay, however we're finding guests are telling us that it has reached a new level of nourishment, flavour and presentation.

We have the largest organic gardens space of any retreat, producing a significant amount of fresh produce, much of which is harvested daily.  The menus vary with each program and are designed in conjunction with our nutritionist. Gluten free and dairy free, the aim is to help support and improve digestion and liver detoxification, reduce inflammation, improve gut bacteria and balance blood sugar levels. Guests can also purchase 'a taste of Gwinganna' or the 'Guide to Gwinganna', (available as a bundle offer ) and can try a range of our delicious recipes at home.

If healthy food is on your radar, be sure to check in for a stay soon and experience the work of the culinary team.


"This was my second visit to Gwinganna. It’s the ultimate retreat for mind and body. Great for solo travellers. Total immersion in nature, with lots of little luxuries. Amazing staff. Amazing food - super healthy and intolerances so well catered for. So many wonderful activities (all optional)." ~ January 2023