Set high on a plateau spanning over 200 hectares, we’re humbled to offer Gwinganna’s expansive property as a wellness destination to soothe the soul and inspire healthier lives. In alignment with maintaining our wellness haven, we have always held a strong intention to operate an environmentally conscious business. 

As the only health retreat in Queensland to hold Ecotourism Certification, and having done so for more than 13 consecutive years, we are constantly looking at ways in which we can improve our efficiencies and improve the sustainability of our business. Our aim is to ensure we are always doing the best for the land we live on and the flora and fauna that flourishes here.

Learn more about our efforts and what you can expect from your stay at Gwinganna.


How we care for native wildlife

Cara the koala

Under the guidance of local non-profit organisation Wildcare Australia Inc, a rehabilitation program for sick, injured, and orphaned native wildlife, we have welcomed many animals to our grounds, including koalas and echidnas.

As part of our ongoing Wildlife Survival Program, Cara the koala (pictured left), and friends (pictured below) are just a few of the animals translocated to Gwinganna.


To ensure the rehabilitated animals that join us have an abundance of diverse land to inhabit, we are fully registered with Land for Wildlife, and have been since 2015. This program is committed to protecting and enhancing wildlife habitats on the property.

Throughout our 200 hectares of grounds and surrounding land, you’ll witness a haven for birds, animals, and plants, with koalas in the swaying gums, wallabies meandering around the property, grazing on grasses and plants, echidnas burrowing, and delightful kookaburras who sing when it's time to greet the day.


How we care for the environment

To best maintain our incredible land, we’ve taken a responsible environmental approach to all that we do.


We’re proud to host the largest organic gardens space of any retreat and to produce an abundance of herbs, greens, fruits, and vegetables for our chefs daily in our organic gardens. A major project underway in 2022 will help increase production from organic garden beds, and with 34 new wicking beds and shade sails to reduce evaporation during the warmer months, which will reduce our overall water consumption. The main garden is also home to composting and worm farms. 

This commitment to self-sufficient produce helps to reduce the load on our environment and ensures optimal nutrition from the delicious foods served at each meal. Around the property, you can freely explore the extensive organic gardens and participate in educational sessions to learn more about the benefits and ease of organic living.



During your time with us, you will stay within our collection of custom-built and historic buildings that have been relocated from all over Australia to enjoy new life here at Gwinganna. Within each accommodation building and surrounding facilities, you will find unique roofs for rainwater collection, wide use of reclaimed timber, and our extensive wastewater management program, all of which help minimise our environmental impact.



At Gwinganna, we have over 16 walks and trails to experience, from gentle to more challenging. Our walks were designed by John Palmer, OAM, botanist and social ecologist. Initially, John followed the animal paths around the property and surroundings, which naturally became our walking tracks.



We also recognise the incredible work of our local organisations and provide added support through donations from our three successful self-published books and staff donations campaigns - having donated a total of $60,000 to Wildcare Australia Inc. In 2022, we have also raised an additional $7,000 for Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation to help support the care and treatment of koalas.


How our guests help us support our flora and fauna

As part of our Wildlife Survival program, we include a single $2.95 for each guest’s stay with us, which is donated directly to Wildcare Australia Inc. Though guests may request this be removed, each donation goes a long way toward caring for more native wildlife in the local area. It is believed that we are the only health retreat and spa with this commitment toward wildlife rescue and habitat regeneration.

If you’re seeking an immersive experience to help soothe the soul and inspire a healthier life, there’s no better place than surrounding yourself in nature with an escape to Gwinganna. You can view our wide range of fully inclusive package options or place an enquiry, and one of our friendly staff members will get in touch to find the most suitable retreat for you.