Superb Organic Cuisine

Fresh, local organic with much of the produce harvested from the on site gardens and orchard. Gwinganna cuisine enjoys a clean and pure journey from preparation to plate. With attention to individual needs, perfectly balanced nutrition ensures the required nourishment is provided to the body for energy and vitality.

Our Food

Meals at Gwinganna are designed specifically to help support and improve digestion and liver detoxification, reduce inflammation, improve gut bacteria and balance blood sugar levels.

All ingredients focus on low human intervention food (LHI) where the food has undergone minimal or no changes from its place in nature to create an ideal balance between macro and micronutrients. This allows your body’s biochemistry to convert food into what it needs for optimum health and prevention of major lifestyle diseases.

Gwinganna allows you to re-evaluate your relationship with food and learn about the meaning of true nourishment. We encourage you to eat mindfully, which means to slow down, be in the moment and be truly aware of the food you are eating and the impact it has on your health and wellbeing.

Choose Organic

Organic food has been shown in research to reduce our toxic load and typically has up to 80% more nutrients than conventionally grown produce.

Much of the produce served including all herbs, flowers and greens is harvested daily from our gardens, which are the largest organic gardens in an Australasian health retreat. This provides the freshest possible items in our menu.

By choosing organic when you shop you can help reduce the load on the environment and increase the health benefits of your food. Look for colourful foods that are as close to their natural form with low human intervention (LHI). Aim for purple, red, yellow and green foods. These provide ideal antioxidants that can help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Organic Recipe Book

Our award winning recipe book 'a taste of gwinganna' is designed to give you ideas and inspiration for delicious everyday meals at home.

From breakfast through to dinner, including vegetarian, seafood, chicken and red meat options. Like all meals served at Gwinganna, these recipes prepared by Head Chef Stacey Tarleton are gluten and dairy free. We have also included some of our most popular classic recipes from over the years, plus a special section on ‘how to make your own’ from our organic gardener to help you to learn more about fermented foods, edible flowers, sprouts and non-dairy milks.

‘a taste of gwinganna’ has won Best International Cookbook at the Independent Press Awards in the USA. It has also been voted Best Corporate Cookbook in Australia in the 2016 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards and awarded silver at the 2017 Independent Publisher Book Awards in the Cookbook category. Part of the proceeds from every book sold will go to Wildcare Australia Inc to help rescue sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife.

Breathe and enjoy the clean mountain air