Personal notes from our guests
(published with permission)

David G - Melbourne

You were all able to sprinkle your wisdom, kindness and wellbeing on us and often with an appropriate amount of humour. It was 8 years since my first visit and I was totally reassured to see the same caring staff still there.

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Amanda R – Brisbane

One of the things I loved about the weekend was that it was very structured but you weren’t made to feel guilty if you just needed to sleep in or go for a swim or use the steam room instead of joining in with the group activities. They made it very clear that it was all...

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Jasmine D - Melbourne

My 2 visits to Gwinganna proved to be a life changing and lifesaving experience. Shannon picked up on the incredible ‘bio resonance machine’ with the frequency waves, evidence of mould in my lungs and a virus as a result.

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Amanda M - Brisbane

What have you done to my mum and dad?

I don't recognise them, not only are they different physically but they've also undergone personality transplants. THANK YOU.

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Bruce M - Sydney

At one of the afternoon sessions you mentioned the Calcium Score procedure, which neither of us had heard of, and we were told the story of a fit young man who had the Calcium Score test and was diagnosed with a serious heart condition.

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Monique W - Sydney

I visited Gwinganna with my mum. We arrived weary, run down and in desperate need of a full body overhaul! Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that in just 5 days we could feel completely different.

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Simon M - Canberra

A truly holistic experience. Gwinganna has bought the best people and a stunning location together to deliver a superb experience. The staff is fully invested in the guests wellness and you get a real sense of the commitment to the program from each and every one of them.

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