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The Retreat


Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is Ecotourism Certified due to its beautiful location, natural surroundings and conscious effort to create minimal impact on the environment.

Care for our wildlife

Gwinganna is fully registered with Land for Wildlife, a program committed to protecting and enhancing wildlife habitat on the property.

Under the guidance of local non-profit organisation Wildcare Australia Inc, who rescue and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife, we have welcomed many animals to live here including koalas and echidnas. We thank Wildcare and all their volunteers for their tireless work along with Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation and Australia Zoo.

As part of our ongoing Wildlife Survival Program, ArNah the koala (pictured) was one of the animals translocated to Gwinganna. When you visit us, keep an eye out for all our beautiful wildlife and maintain a safe distance from them at all times. If you are driving to the retreat please remember to watch for wildlife along the way.

Watch a video of a koala spotted with her twin joeys at the retreat here

Koala in a tree
On a hike

Environmental walks

At Gwinganna we have over 16 different walks and trails to experience, from gentle to more challenging.

A highlight for many guests is taking one of our hikes before breakfast.

Our walks were designed with John Palmer, OAM, botanist and social ecologist. Originally, John followed the animal paths around the property and surrounds, from which he developed all our walk tracks.

Explore the diverse range of trails around the property with our walk leaders each day, many showcasing superb views of the valley and the Pacific Ocean.

Organic Commitment

Gwinganna chooses organic produce with much of the fresh produce supplied from the on-site gardens. This commitment helps reduce the load on our environment and ensures optimal nutrition form the delicious foods each meal.

Ecotourism Certified

The ECO certification means that you are guaranteed to experience a genuine facility that looks after the environment. Ecotourism shows that Gwinganna is located in beautiful natural surroundings creating minimal impact on the environment.

Organic Gardens

Around the property, you can explore and enjoy the organic gardens which provide an abundance of herbs, greens, fruits and vegetables. The main garden is also home to the composting, worm farming and chickens. Resident organic gardener and former Chef, Shelley Pryor oversees this wonderful space and also presents various sessions for guests interested in learning more about organic gardening.

The best of nature

On this expansive property over 200 hectares, you can explore the natural environment that has existed for thousands of years.

Freshwater springs flow through fern and palm glades into gullies, sprinkling over cliffs. Many trails frame the distant mountain, ocean and valley views. Some of the spectacular trees have weathered hundreds of seasons. A haven for birds, animals and plants, there are koalas in the swaying gums, wallabies who meander around the property and graze on grasses and plants while the delightful kookaburras sing when it's time to greet the day.

Explore this land and  harvest edible greens, fruits and nuts  while on the guided walks, gather aromatic leaves from shrubs and grasses for medicinal teas. Be part of this natural splendour in ways that excite you to discover and help preserve the abundance of your local natural precincts when you return home.

Wallaby at Gwinganna

Look around Gwinganna