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Each afternoon during your stay we invite you to switch off and embrace one of the fundamental elements of better wellbeing: strategic rest.

Rest at Gwinganna

This is your time to stop, rest and relax in our spa that is exclusive to Gwinganna guests.

The choice is yours. Maybe it's taking a nap or a swim or some time to read a book. The options are plentiful. During each afternoon, you can take advantage of the diverse and extensive array of experts and therapists who work with us to further enhance your stay. From soothing spa therapies, to wellness consultations, balanced movement programs and stress management sessions, these can help you customise your Gwinganna experience each time you visit.

Gwinganna spa
Gwinganna spa

Spa Facilities

Gwinganna has created a new benchmark with its exclusive indoor/outdoor 33 room Spa Sanctuary, the largest spa in the Southern Hemisphere.

From the beautiful surrounds and landscaping to the creative and environmentally sensitive architecture, and the level of expert service and care, Gwinganna’s Spa Sanctuary is designed to give you an exceptional experience. With an elevated outdoor deck and lounge which overlooks that native spa garden and surrounding trees, a sublime Crystal Steam Room and custom designed treatment rooms, you'll discover that this is a truly innovative spa. You can choose from an extensive range of wellness services, from naturopathy to stress and emotional wellness, or perhaps book a session with our experts in functional movement and physical activity. Gwinganna is dedicated to giving you a spa experience like no other.

Wellness Lounge

Relax and immerse yourself in a complete mind and body experience. Our  Wellness Lounge boasts a range of state of the art wellness pods, designed to support your recovery and relaxation, reduce stress, support better sleep, improve circulation, increase collagen production and aid detoxification.

Choose from LED light therapy, Infrared Sauna, the 02 Breathing and Meditation Chair, Recovery Massage Chair and the innovative Somadome Meditation Pod. The Somadome pod at Gwinganna is one of only two in all of Australia! A space designed to help you reconnect to yourself, quiet mental chatter and find inner stillness. Each modality has been allocated a set time frame in order to experience the maximum amount of benefit. This will enable you to enjoy each therapy comfortably in one hour.

For more information on the key benefits of each treatment included in your Relaxation Package session, speak to our spa team. ( Max 3 guests per session.)


Prevention is the new paradigm in a well managed health care plan. Gwinganna's wellness and stress management therapies offer specialised complementary health care practitioners to assist you in devising a lifestyle plan to maintain optimum wellness. Options include Naturopathy, Nutrition consultations, Equine Therapy, counselling and more.

Spa Treatments

An exceptional range of therapies and treatments are on offer, many of which are unique to Gwinganna. Choose from body treatments and facials using organic products to specialty therapies and massage.


Gwinganna's spa product partners include Vanessa Megan Naturaceuticals™  an award-winning Australian brand offering natural organic skincare and Subtle Energies Australian Ayurveda Aromatherapy. These exceptional products are carefully selected to enhance your spa experience during your stay with a range of take home products options including our Subtle Energies Signature products.

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