Tips to improve a good night's sleep

Dr Karen Coates

A great night sleep will 

  1. Improve our ability to cultivate energy for the next day.  
  2. It gives the body a chance to clean our cells making us prepared for potential toxic invasion during our day 
  3. It allows the body to do reparative and restorative work to keep our bodies in good shape for the next day, week and month.

Tips to achieve a good night sleep:

  • Aim for 7- 8 hours sleep
  • Turn off your wifi
  • Turn off the smartphone or laptop prior to hopping  into bed – a natural lead into sleep is very important
  • If you or your significant other snores - this will need to be addressed. Sleep apnoea has serious medical ramifications.
  • Reduce stress where possible
  • Create a bedtime routine

To assist you in periods of insomnia – herbal or natural remedies are a good first option to explore for support. If this does not work, see your doctor to discuss a possible alternative that will break the cycle you find yourself in.

Remember: Sometimes we’re so frightened of not sleeping, that it’s the fear of not sleeping that stops us from sleeping that night.