When you stay at Gwinganna, we offer a wonderful selection of herbal teas from our beautiful partner Byron Bay Tea Company, including our own signature tea blend. On shorter stays, you can also continue to have optional coffee and black tea each morning. From January, this includes our four night stays, so you don’t need to worry about removing caffeine for this period of time if you wish. Our longer stays over 5 or 7 nights, offer you the support to withdraw from caffeine and alcohol during these carefully designed programs.

We have also developed a new 5 night retreat option. From January 2023, enjoy an extra day on our popular 'Triple S' - Sleep, Sugar, Stress retreat, now expanded to a 5 night program. The additional day can help break the unhealthy cycle of high sugar foods, stress, and insomnia, giving you more time to restore balance in your daily routine plus an extra day of rest with us.

Whether you stay for 2 nights or 2 weeks, we can help guide you and create a truly memorable wellness experience.