Manuka Super Traveller

$35.95 AUD

A Powerful Essential Oil Blend
Ideal for immune support, Manuka Super Traveller is a natural herbal formula, made from the most powerful naturally occurring essential oils including Eucalyptus, Lemon, Thyme, Clove, Manuka Oil, Pine, Blood Orange and Pink Grapefruit.

To use …

  • Drop 6 to 12 drops into the hand.
  • Rub hands together then cup hands over the nose and mouth and breathe in.
  • Can also be used in a diffuser

The tiny molecules coat the nose and throat – these areas are where airborne germs enter the body.

When should I use it?
Manuka Super Traveller is ideal for times when you need additional immune support. It can be used in the home, the office or the car and areas such as hospitals, air conditioned venues, on planes and trains and in airports.

Can anyone use it?
No. People with allergies, including bee allergies and babies under 6 months of age should not use Manuka Super Traveller Spray.