Wellness Packages

An incredible selection of activities, tips and wellness seminars on how to live a healthier life, reduce stress and enhance healthier ageing.

Gwinganna's retreats give you the opportunity to explore, try new activities and learn. Choose from a 2 day Wellness Weekend through to the full 7 day detox, or combine 2 or more retreats for an extended stay. Call one of our Retreat Advisors today for advice on a retreat that will suit you.

Extended Stays

Many guests find that one program at Gwinganna is simply not long enough to meet all of their healthy intentions. If you are looking for greater benefits or perhaps to address a specific concern or health issue, then ask our Retreat Advisors to assist you in creating a longer stay that will meet your individual needs, whether this be for 10 days, two weeks, three weeks or longer.

Get in Touch:

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New Zealand (Toll Free): 0800 000 780
International: +61 7 5589 5000
Email: info@gwinganna.com.