Recognised as one of the most innovative wellness destinations in Australasia, choices include the popular seven night Detox, a two night Wellness Weekend or specialty retreats that focus on stress, nutrition, women’s health, sleep or mindfulness.

Be inspired and learn from a highly experienced team of wellness professionals, plus enjoy delicious organic cuisine, diverse activities for all levels and exceptional spa and wellness therapies in this EcoTourism certified wellness retreat. Explore our packages below.

7 Night Retreats

Gwinganna Detox

The Gwinganna Detox Retreat is one of our most powerful options, creating the perfect environment for you to transform your wellbeing. This specialised program also features an added focus on liver function and is designed to be a dedicated health environment, to allow your body to rest and renew.

Winter Detox

Winter is the season of retreat and rest, allowing your body essential time to regenerate after the busy warmer months. Gwinganna’s Winter Detox is an ideal opportunity to boost your immune system and restore balance and energy to your health and wellbeing.

Spring Detox

Allowing your body time to cleanse is an essential element to vitality and healthy ageing. This spring, choose Gwinganna’s detox program that will help you spring clean your body, your lifestyle and your relationships

New Year Detox

Let go of old habits, embrace the new and set your intentions for the year ahead. Gwinganna’s New Year retreat empowers you to take positive steps through cleansing, rest and renewal. Learn new skills to support a healthy lifestyle. With limited dates to choose from, we strongly suggest booking early to secure your spot in this popular retreat.

5 Night Retreats

Optimum Wellbeing

This wellbeing retreat is designed to help you take a step back and refocus on your health, with an emphasis on restoring adrenal and cellular balance. During the five-night self-discovery journey, you will experience a guided approach to movement, inspiring wellness seminars, afternoons of rest and spa treatments.

The Longevity Project

We invite you to discover the latest research that can help enhance the quality of your life. The activities included provide a series of daily practices designed to help you live with vitality. Take home our longevity lifestyle plan to incorporate into your life and help you feel more empowered with an increased sense of wellbeing.

Triple S - Sleep, Sugar, Stress

Learn how sleep, sugar and stress are all interrelated on this restorativestress retreat. The 'Triple S' program will empower you to change your habits by helping you to understand how to manage stress, become more resilient and understand how to use your body’s natural rhythms to improve performance and productivity.

4 Night Retreats

Gwinganna Healthy Escape

Unplug from the world and allow us to take care of you for four nights. Step into a cocoon of tranquillity and calm, allowing time for restoration and reigniting your joy for life.

Live. Life. Well

Living life well is to live with health, balance and vitality.  During this four night program we will explore the interrelationships required for living a well life.

Women's Discovery

Women’s Discovery is a women's health retreat designed to help enhance your quality of life. During the four-night retreat, you will gain valuable insights into the inner workings of the female mind and body, as well as learn how to introduce healthier lifestyle choices into your everyday life to enhance your future.

Condition Your Calm

Condition Your Calm explores the impact stress has on your health and how stress hormones affect your endocrine system. This very special emotional wellness retreat includes seminars from guest presenter, Dr Libby (PhD), one of Australasia’s leading nutritional biochemists, an author, speaker and one of Gwinganna’s original team members. Armed with an abundance of knowledge and scientific research, Dr Libby will empower you to take charge of your health and happiness.

3 Night Retreats

Time Out Weekend

This restorative 3-day health retreat is designed to help you relax and switch off in our dedicated wellness environment. Enjoy delicious organic cuisine and learn about managing stress with an exceptional wellness seminar and a range of nurturing activities that help create stillness in your mind and body.

Winter Wellness

This essential three day stay focuses on slowing down and warming up to help you enjoy a healthy stress free winter.

The Yoga Retreat

Bring balance to your mind and body in this new three day yoga retreat and immerse yourself in the ancient practice of yoga, combined with afternoons of rest and relaxation.

2 Night Retreats

Experience the Gwinganna feeling